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Concrete repair

Repair of concrete carbonation Reinforcement stripping Concrete repair Protection against carbonation Structural reinforcement

Wall humidity

Raising damp Penetrating damp Condensation Defective pipes in the wall Water infiltration in the basement Rainwater and groundwater Building moisture problem diagnosis & cure Mould on walls Health risks in relation to relative humidity

Opening in a load-bearing wall

Diagnosis of the load-bearing wall Feasibility study by engineer Demolition of the load-bearing wall Reinforcement with IPN Finishes around the load-bearing wall

Asphalt services

Removal of old asphalt Asphalt pollution test (PAH) Asphalt Repairs Asphalt reinstatement Reinforcement of pavements and paths

Pre-purchase property inspection

Home / Chalet inspection before purchase Estimated work budgets Key negotiation points before purchase Guarantees for suspicious parties Pre-purchase Inspection reports Assistance for the purchase of property estate from abroad

Preventive property inspection

Maintenance inspection Inspection in case of problems between the tenant and the owner (humidity, condensation, mold, damp, unsanitary conditions, etc). Co-ownership building inspection (PPE) Estimated budgets Preventive property inspection report

Pre-acceptance inspection of a property

Home pre-reception inspection Inspection of defective points Estimated budgets Pre-acceptance inspection report Assistance to finalize the project


Humidity diagnosis Roof Waterproofing Wall humidity repair Walls drying by injection of resin Facades waterproofing Parking lot waterproofing Concrete Repair & Waterproofing Anti-humidity treatment air + walls + floor Bathroom/Toilet Waterproofing Balcony /Terrace Waterproofing Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Barriers and guardrails

Guardrail according to SIA 358 standards Balcony balustrades Frameless Balustrades Vertical Bar Balustrades Perforated Balustrade Panels